Marketing Strategies to Reach Your Long-Term Goals


My experience both on the sales and client side allow me to have a holistic view of the negotiating process, therefore give me the ability to effectively negotiate on behalf of my clients. This is an important differentiator as I truly understand the bigger picture as it relates to the economics behind Television sales as well as a variety of media properties. The variety of businesses I have helped grow throughout the years have benefitted from the wealth of knowledge, strategy and effective execution I bring to the table. Beth Cahill

With the exponential growth of media options available to companies it has become more difficult for internal marketers to develop effective marketing strategies without the benefit of a professional marketing consultant and media buyer.

We are a professional media buying agency with expertise in marketing and advertising strategies, media planning and media buying functions.

Our success is due in part to our experience and capabilities in:

  • Conducting a marketing plan and analysis review
  • Crafting a media strategy before implementation of any media buying
  • Understanding financial concepts to generate positive ROI
  • Building a media marketing plan with a customized media mix

As a highly-successful marketing consultant and media buyer agency we have extensive experience with execution of strategic marketing of media programs that result in a higher level of success for our customers and their brand that deliver measurable ROI.

Call Via Media NW for experienced media planning based on sound target marketing ideas and research with the tools for market analysis.

A Marketing Consultant to Partner With Your Business Advertising


We have new types of marketing strategies constantly evolving to accommodate the growth of media options.

To achieve the objectives of developing and integrating solutions that will generate and capture new business, our marketing consultant can partner with your business advertising to provide the best outcome for your marketing campaign.

These are some of the ways we can help improve your business:

  • Measure success rate of existing advertising and marketing strategies
  • Shape, market and manage company branding
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan to generate sales and expand client base
  • Measure testing response and tracking results
  • Engage services of our media buyer to negotiate advertising space

The role of our consultant in providing solutions to keep you in the forefront of emerging marketing trends in conjunction with your business advertising and the expertise of our media buyer can grow your business in unique and positive ways.

Why is a Media Buyer the Right Choice?


A media buyer is responsible for negotiations associated with purchasing time and space for the purpose of advertising.

We believe successful business and corporate owners understand that experienced media buyers and planning services along with the effective marketing strategies of a marketing consultant are the right choice to experience the growth they want.

As an experienced media buying agency, we take on the responsibilities of:

  • Media planning to determine which type of media is right for your company
  • Negotiating with all media outlets for purchasing of media placements
  • Optimizing use of company budget for media buying
  • Effectively promoting your specific business

Call Via Media NW for a thorough assessment of your business, and the development and implementation of comprehensive marketing strategies by our marketing consultant to achieve the results you need and to make sure your marketing message resonates with your target audience. 206.714.6326