A Marketing Strategy for Increasing Brand Awareness


For many companies, marketing takes a low priority because of management requirements. That is the time to call on us to begin a marketing planning process to set you on a path that will save both resources and time, and allow management personnel to focus on running their business.

That’s what we do best – to make sure the marketing goals of our clients are reached and their brand is taken to the next level.

The marketing strategy for most business owners is part of a larger business plan that may not be given the research and attention it requires. We provide an in-depth approach in our marketing planning process and online marketing strategies to reveal:

  • Insight into why a new audience or potential customer would use your business
  • Your target customers
  • Pricing pitfalls
  • Competition reaction
  • Potential reach

Once we have identified those elements we have a follow-on approach for reaching your target customers with traditional TV and radio marketing, online marketing strategies, SEM management and CMO.

Call Via Media NW for additional information about our focus strategy to identify new markets to target, to increase your brand awareness, and to ensure your products and services are meeting customer needs.

Marketing Planning to Achieve Your Desired Goals


Marketing is essential to the growth of companies, but a strong marketing strategy carried out by a marketing plan and its execution is paramount to high performance and success.

After defining your vision and identifying your marketing objectives, marketing planning is put into place for achieving those objectives with clear and concise direction.

In defining the market strategy to attain your objectives, we develop a marketing plan that is:

  • Simple – clearly identifying what is needed to achieve your objectives
  • Achievable – carefully use of your company budget for media buying
  • Relevant – keeping your plan focused on what is needed to succeed
  • Measurable – quantifiable goals and objectives

To achieve your objectives, our strategy includes integrating online marketing strategies, search engine marketing management, social media marketing, and traditional TV and radio marketing.

As the concept of online marketing strategies is continuously evolving, we offer solutions to stay on top of existing and emerging marketing trends.

We are Experts at Planning Online Marketing Strategies


With the many ways businesses have today of marketing themselves, deciding on the method can be challenging. A comprehensive marketing strategy and marketing planning are essential in successfully reaching your customers.

A few factors to consider in an effective marketing strategy include:

  • Brand messaging
  • Customer targeting
  • Content strategy
  • Optimization

As experts in planning online marketing strategies we provide a consolidated view of customer preference and expectations that provide your business with the ability to move your customers into the buying cycle based on a successful marketing planning process.

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