Media Buying is Our Specialty


To get the most out of the dollars you spend, and to provide a message that will resonate with your target market requires the services of experienced media buying agencies.

Media planning and buying is our specialty These are three important aspects of our media buying process:

  • Networking with the right channel owners to get optimal spaces
  • Finding the most recent and appropriate venues for distribution
  • Negotiating fair prices with all media outlets plus deals that profit our clients

As one of the top media planning and buying agencies we have the expertise to identify your target audiences, distinguish when and where your ad should appear, and the type of media that can best accomplish your objectives based on your company budget.

Call Via Media NW to find the appropriate venues for your media ads and to negotiate rates and ratings.

Media Buying Agencies Can Help Promote Brand Awareness


From TV and radio marketing to SEM management and marketing planning, we are one of the top media buying agencies with the experience and skills to craft a media strategy and negotiate the rates and ratings that will engage your target audience with context to help promote brand awareness.

Through the use of our media planning and buying we can help build your brand awareness and create a strong position in the marketplace that is sustained by superior content.

These are a few steps we follow to help promote brand awareness:

  • Conduct a marketing analysis review to achieve business objectives
  • Build an effective media plan with targeted media mix
  • Market messages to make people aware of your brand
  • Use of appropriate media outlets to quickly communicate your brand

We have in-depth media planning and buying experience with traditional and digital media to deliver a balanced and well-integrated media program. And our media buyer has excellent pricing negotiation skills as well as placement capabilities.

Why Come to Us for Media Planning and Buying?


We have a strong reputation among media buying agencies for establishing successful media negotiations that deliver best price and value at the most advantageous time and location to engage the target customer with a creative message.

Reasons to come to us for media planning and buying that will achieve maximum coverage at the most cost effective rates include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying core customers and methods to reach them
  • Determining content and direction of your campaign
  • Negotiating with media outlets to achieve best rates and placement
  • Creating brand awareness that drives traffic to your business

One of the most important keys to your success is working with us as one of the top media buying agencies to make potential customers aware of your brand and its meaning.

Call Via Media NW to find solutions for increasing your brand awareness and improving your profit potential. 206.714.6326