Media Planning and Advertising Go Hand in Hand


We know that the media planning process works hand in hand with advertising to meet the marketing objectives in the selection of media time and space to circulate the advertising message.

We can successfully enable our clients to maximize the impact of their advertising budget with a carefully laid out media plan that involves negotiating with all media outlets to effectively reach their target audiences.

Our media planner works with the client to:

  • Define the business objectives and advertising strategy
  • Research and analyze data
  • Identify target audiences
  • Determine how the client brand can satisfy the audience needs
  • Define the type of media that can best accomplish the objectives

While we focus strongly on media buying and planning for our clients, our media planner is experienced in identifying the best media outlets and negotiating a media plan tailored to build awareness to reach the target audience while delivering a strong ROI for their business.

Contact Via Media NW to define the best opportunities for your business with strong media buys at negotiated rates.

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