With greater than 90% of internet users utilizing search engines, SEM and SEO services can add to your online success.

Its strength comes in the form of placement of advertising before motivated customers that are ready to buy at that precise moment. No other means of advertising does this, making it one of the most effective and powerful ways to grow your business.


Media Buyers Can Bring Your Brand to the Next Level


74% of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions. Are you developing interest and content that is relevant to your brand and your customers?

You may be aware of the importance of creating a marketing strategy for your business to take your brand to the next level but are short on ideas, resources and time to develop a conceptual marketing plan and to negotiate with media outlets.

We are a full-service media buying agency with a variety of services to help you achieve your marketing objectives, including:

  • Media planning
  • TV marketing
  • Radio marketing
  • SEM management
  • Marketing planning
  • Online media marketing
  • CMO

As experienced and professional media buyers and planners we can provide a competitive edge for your business that can lead to revolutionary changes by utilizing a myriad of options to reach your customers with a host of continuously evolving media.

Call Via Media NW to learn more about our top marketing skills as a media buying agency that can increase your brand awareness and drive prospects to your business.

Media Buying Takes Experience, Connections and Skill


Experienced media buyers use their experience and professional expertise to entice people to buy!

With the rise of the internet and mobile, marketing requires an evolved set of experience, connections, skill and technology to take advantage of attracting, engaging and converting customers.

As media buyers and planners we know how to navigate through the confusion of promoting specific businesses with advertising that can successfully market their business brand.

We are a highly-successful media buying agency that can take the responsibility for:

  • Negotiating and purchasing time and advertising space for advertising
  • Deciding which type of media buying is right for your company
  • Developing a market plan and concept
  • Making cost-effective decisions when purchasing media placements
  • Measuring the effectiveness of media placements by reach and frequency

Call us to learn how we can help align your sales strategy to engage new prospects and achieve your business marketing goals.

Why Choose Us When You Need a Media Buying Agency?


There are many options and types of media choices to consider when deciding which media outlets to use.

As experienced media buyers we ensure that your product advertising reaches its targeted market through television, print or internet.

These are reasons to choose us when you need a professional media buying agency:

  • A strong reputation for negotiating and scheduling advertising space
  • Expertise in marketing sources like social media, digital and online, SEM and CMO
  • Media planning services and budgeting skills
  • Market analysis capability
  • Demographic analysis
  • Qualitative research
  • Competitive media analysis

Call Via Media NW for media buyers that can take your brand to the next level while tracking each marketing dollar to ensure the best possible rate of return. 206.714.6326